How do I reset my password?

Please note that if you have previously performed an AV Capture desktop app activation, you will be prompted to re-activate the next time you launch AV Capture after resetting your password.

To reset your password:

  1. Open the Meeting Management portal's Forgot Password web page.
  2. Type your email address (i.e. Username).
  3. Click Send Reset Code.
  4. Check your email inbox (Subject is "AVCaptureAll user password reset request").  If the email is not present shortly, check your email client's spam folder.
  5. Open the email and copy the included verification code.
  6. Click the hyperlink in the email to open the Meeting Management portal's Reset Password web page.
  7. On the Reset Password page, verify that the email address is correct, paste in the Verification Code, then enter and confirm the new password.
  8. Click Reset Password.

We recommend making a note of your AVCA User credentials in a secure and accessible location for future reference.


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