Why won't my agenda save changes or close when I exit a session in AV Capture?

This issue is most likely due to the agenda document being in an obsolete format.  Look at the top of Word - does it display "[Compatibility Mode]" (as shown below)?
If yes, use the following steps to replace the obsolete document with an updated version.

  1. Launch the AV Capture desktop app.
  2. Open the desired session via the Browse Sessions window.
  3. If this does not automatically launch Word, open the agenda from the Session Documents section.
  4. In Word, click File -> Save As.
  5. Select the Desktop as the save location.
  6. Directly under the File Name field, click the dropdown list for Save As Type and select "Word Document (*.docx)".
  7. Click the Save button.
  8. Close Word.
  9. In the Session Documents section, select the agenda and click the Remove button.
  10. Import the updated agenda (that you saved to the Desktop in step 6).
  11. Verify that the top of Word no longer displays "[Compatibility Mode]".

To avoid this issue in the future:

  • Update agenda template(s) to the latest Word document format (.docx)
  • When saving agendas from a different source, be sure to save them in the current format (.docx)


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