Why does my time stamp include extra text?

This is most likely because Word's Track Changes feature is enabled.  A time stamp is a hyperlink.  When Track Changes is enabled, the hyperlink address is included with the displayed hyperlink text (e.g. avca:b691981d-e273-4ab2-ba29-5eb6fb46845f@00:00:0609:21:05 AM (00:00:06)).

To disable Track Changes:

  1. Launch the AV Capture desktop app.
  2. Open the desired session via the Browse Sessions window.
  3. In Word, navigate to the Review tab.
  4. Click on the expand arrow under the Accept button (1), and select "Accept All Changes and Stop Tracking" from the dropdown menu (2).
  5. New time stamps will now be displayed correctly.

To fix existing time stamps:

  1. Navigate to a time stamp.
  2. Use your mouse to select the additional text (as shown below).  This text is easy to differentiate because it is the hyperlink just to the left of the time stamp.
  3. Cut the selected text.
  4. Use your mouse to select the time stamp text (e.g. 09:21:05 AM (00:00:06)).
  5. Right-click on the selected text and choose "Link" from the dropdown menu.  This will open the Insert Hyperlink window.
  6. In the Insert Hyperlink window, paste the text (from step 3) into the Address field.
  7. Click OK.


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